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[Click] pg-006 AM-PM-1_00 goingToBed
[Click] pg-008 AM-PM-1_01 goodMorning
[Click] pg-009 AM-PM-1_02 breakfastCereal
[Click] pg-010 AM-PM-1_03 scrambledEggs
[Click] pg-011 AM-PM-1_04 pieceOfToast
[Click] pg-012 AM-PM-1_05 glassOfMilk
[Click] pg-013 AM-PM-1_06 washingHands
[Click] pg-014 AM-PM-1_07 soupForLunch
[Click] pg-015 AM-PM-1_08 makingTea
[Click] pg-016 AM-PM-1_09 gettingHome
[Click] pg-022 HealthSafety-2_00 doctorsOffice
[Click] pg-024 HealthSafety-2_01 vitaminPill
[Click] pg-025 HealthSafety-2_02 gettingSick
[Click] pg-026 HealthSafety-2_03 dropsInEyes
[Click] pg-027 HealthSafety-2_04 dentalAppointment
[Click] pg-028 HealthSafety-2_05 bloodyKnee
[Click] pg-029 HealthSafety-2_06 brokenPlate
[Click] pg-030 HealthSafety-2_07 brokenGlass
[Click] pg-031 HealthSafety-2_08 fire
[Click] pg-032 HealthSafety-2_09 stopThief
[Click] pg-038 AtHome-3_00 sewingButton
[Click] pg-040 AtHome-3_01 babyCare
[Click] pg-041 AtHome-3_02 paintingPicture
[Click] pg-042 AtHome-3_03 changingBulb
[Click] pg-043 AtHome-3_04 installTowelRack
[Click] pg-044 AtHome-3_05 writingLetter
[Click] pg-045 AtHome-3_06 washingDishes
[Click] pg-046 AtHome-3_07 dusting
[Click] pg-047 AtHome-3_08 cleanHouse
[Click] pg-048 AtHome-3_09 iceCream+TV
[Click] pg-054 GoingOut-4_00 shoppingForCoat
[Click] pg-056 GoingOut-4_01 eatingOut
[Click] pg-057 GoingOut-4_02 payPhone
[Click] pg-058 GoingOut-4_03 groceryShopping
[Click] pg-059 GoingOut-4_04 laundromat
[Click] pg-060 GoingOut-4_05 postOffice
[Click] pg-061 GoingOut-4_06 bank
[Click] pg-062 GoingOut-4_07 haircut
[Click] pg-063 GoingOut-4_08 roughBusRide
[Click] pg-064 GoingOut-4_09 planeRide
[Click] pg-070 HolidaysLeisure-5_00 openPresent
[Click] pg-072 HolidaysLeisure-5_01 pumpkinHalloween
[Click] pg-073 HolidaysLeisure-5_02 thanksgiving
[Click] pg-074 HolidaysLeisure-5_03 christmas
[Click] pg-075 HolidaysLeisure-5_04 valentinesDay
[Click] pg-076 HolidaysLeisure-5_05 wrappingPresent
[Click] pg-077 HolidaysLeisure-5_06 sundayDrive
[Click] pg-078 HolidaysLeisure-5_07 movies
[Click] pg-079 HolidaysLeisure-5_08 beach
[Click] pg-080 HolidaysLeisure-5_09 takingPictures
[Click] pg-086 AtSchool-6_00 homework
[Click] pg-088 AtSchool-6_01 sharpenPencil
[Click] pg-089 AtSchool-6_02 prepareForTest
[Click] pg-090 AtSchool-6_03 takeTest
[Click] pg-091 AtSchool-6_04 sickAtSchool
[Click] pg-092 AtSchool-6_05 lateToClass
[Click] pg-093 AtSchool-6_06 takingBreak
[Click] pg-094 AtSchool-6_07 library
[Click] pg-101 Weather-7_00 lostUmbrella
[Click] pg-103 Weather-7_01 rainyDay
[Click] pg-104 Weather-7_02 beautifulDay
[Click] pg-105 Weather-7_03 raining
[Click] pg-106 Weather-7_04 windyDay
[Click] pg-107 Weather-7_05 snowyDay
[Click] pg-108 Weather-7_06 foggyDay
[Click] pg-109 Weather-7_07 sunnyDay