Maryknoll Cochabamba 1971

Denny Browne lived his long missionary life in the tropical (hot) area
of Bolivia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where the foot hills of the Andes
fade into the flatter lands to the east by where river systems
eventually, @1,000 miles, empty into the waters of Buenos Aires and
the sea. He worked there as a parish priest in that area which
provided a minimally marginal living for farmers generally producing
soy (later), sugar, rice, yuca, bananas, vegetables and fruit. An
unsuccessful land reform was effected after his arrival but political
parties were unable to improve the lot of the general population. Into
that vacuum entered the military dictators who subsequently arranged
big bloc planters/owners to siphen off the profits of improved
agricultural methods as well as the cultivation, processing, and
distribution of the new Bolivian product, coca. A parish priest,
therefore, could be called radical in the US, while the same could be
more conservative while considering the pastoral among the poor. A
time of great discussion and breaking barriers which eventually led to
the present type of "majority rules" government, the aymara and
quetchua indian. I never thought of Denny without the Father. To me he
appeared to be a very spiritual person, strictly disciplined, but with
an explosive laugh and smile with people.  Like Frank Gerace, who
lived with him, says, "he was a whirlwind of energy."
Purposeful. Bolivia, at one time, had many Mk missioners assigned to
it and we were assigned to 4 distinct areas.

I have a foto from 1971 that shows us spread out on the lawn of the
language school Cochabamba. Everyone is smiling. Denny is seated
between Frank Higden and Jake Eselborn. About 24 have passed away. May
they all welcome Denny again.  A great group of men.

bill allen 57


Dennis Browne MM was sitting next to Frank Pancho Higden whose name is
not Mike. Sorry, Pancho, Weinbrand and the late hour are to blame.  I
do have other names with few exceptions 

bill allen.