Maryknoll Brothers - Herman Family Connection From Terry Sissons (Maryknoll sister for nine years - 1958-1967)
(Herman Family Connection)

During much of the 1940's and 50's, the Maryknoll Brothers' Novitiate was in Akron, Ohio. My father had bought 70 acres of land in 1940, and over the years developed it, including a lake for swimming, fishing, skating, and sledding, and fields for farm animals. My father knew Father Sheridan, the Novitiate director. Every Thursday was the Brothers' "recreation day" and more often than not, they came to our property, sometimes swimming, skating, joining us in a picnic, sometimes helping with various farm work. Since the photos include only Brothers who were in the Novitiate, not all of them actually remained with Maryknoll. I have no idea which ones they were.
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