Dan Narington Glen Ellyn 76
I spent two years (Freshman and Sophomore) at Glen Ellyn, (class of 76), after a couple years on the USS Valley Forge and Navy Reserve years.

While, like too many others, I did not make it, those 2 years are high points in my life that I will never forget. That is saying something, since when I was about 12 years old, I liked the taste of lead. My dad used to melt it for several things, plumbing, fishing sinkers, etc. I would take pieces and chew on them. not smart. Anyway, my memory of so much of my life is a very small volume, and I can't remember names at all. very frustrating.

I was recruited by a Maryknoll priest who came to Catholic Central HS. I joined the Navy Reserve my senior year, and while on active duty after graduation, would send money to Maryknoll, sort of paying my tuition early, if you will. Then my GI Bill payment went straight to Maryknoll while I was there. Unfortunately, I was not a scholarly student. and my grades were not very good. They did not boot me out, I pulled the plug on myself.