Mike Henrickson Memorial [Click] Dedication

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As this 2017 Memorial Day approaches, we want to recall and remember all the men and women in our armed services who stood the wall and sacrificed their life for country and for all of us.

In particular we remember with fondness our mate and brother Michael, Hendrickson, with whom we shared many life experiences during some of our most formative years. We miss you, Mike.

So many of our Band of Brothers either enlisted or were drafted into the armed services. While I did not experience the honor to serve my country in that manner,

I can only imagine that you who served also made sacrifices, great or small, in some manner or another. I think I can speak for all of us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your service and the unspoken sacrifices you made.

Included are additional photos of Michael's relatives and his Band of Brothers taken last year during the Memorial Gathering Dinner in Virginia.

Thank you Norm Birzer for the attached early photo of Michael with an unnamed soldier.

Chris Bradley

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