Paul Newpower Pilgrimage in South America [Click] 2009 South American Pilgrimage

Newpower Pablo Tito Mendoza ... To: Raymond Voith Thanks for the note. I entered third year at GE in 1962, so I guess I was one year ahead of you. Thanks also for your welcome comments on my book. I had written it primarily for my family but it has gotten beyond those immediately related. That's alright. Frank Gerace read it, like it, and has encouraged me to publish it. I tried Orbis, but it is not their style, understanderably so. I donĀ“t know if it is worth publishing, or if a wider readership would want it. It seems to appeal to those who have some connection to Maryknoll or Bolivia or me. But that is about it. Sure, if you want to put it on your web sight. I have checked it out for photos of GE. That's great that you are doing this. Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you liked the book. Paul