Pictures from John O'Brien (email)

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Priests 1949-50

Allen Goddard Kenney Gillerand

Pfister Mallon McMonigal Ziegengeist Cahill

Weis Mailhot Kiernan Nolan Robinson

Chow time 1949

The audience at showtime - December 18, 1949

(even then no one sat up front)

KP at GE 1950

Our Chapel 1950

The "Cook" February 1950

Easter 1950 Fathers Cahill, Kiernan, Robinson

Faculty Spring 1950 (Kenney 3rd from right ?)

Brother Brian Catcher - May 1950

Fr Goddard ("Tiny") 1950

Brothers 1950 (Brian missing)

Terrence Morris Bede

Peter Donald Adrian

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