GE Student Manual - Joe Johnson GE Student Manual 1955 - Joe Johnson [Click here]
This manual should bring back some memories.
Of course, many of the rules and regulations
no longer apply to us in this modern age.
However, some advice is still very good
and may well be applied today.  For instance:

pg 29-30 - how to add inches to your height pg 30 - dealing with strong and offensive body odor and bad breath pg 35 - on using the elbow as a fulcrum for conveying food to the mouth pg 36 - how to use a napkin pg 36 - zigzag eating pg 36 - using the knife and fork as spear and trident pg 37 - "one ought not to look away from the person to whom he is passing a dish as he may not be there" pg 38 - how to eat soup pg 39 - how to eat a baked potato (Now be sure to listen to the "Biblical Food Parody" below).
The above eating rules bring to my mind the following "Biblical Food Parody". The first is a parent talking to his children. The second is a discussion with the author of the parody. Listen and enjoy.
Biblical food parody [Click]
Interview with author [Click]