Glen Ellyn 1963-64 Bernard Stefanek [Click] Buddy Stefanek - Brief Bio
Glen Ellyn 1963-64 "Cro-nesters" (see below for names)

Glen Ellyn 1963-64 (numbered)

An original photo of my Unit
with Father Crohan, our Prefect.  
Including cities where we lived at that time.

The "Cro-nesters"

Father Crohan's Unit (The "Cro-nesters)

   Name               Residence at Time
1. Pat McCann         Wilmington, Delaware 
2. Frank Rose         Irvington, New Jersey
3. Joe Kantorski      Miami, FL   [x]
4. Tim Lorree         Youngstown, NY
                         Suburb of Buffalo, New York 
5. Jim Bradley        Troy, NY
6. Ted Barry          Bangor, Maine 
7. Charlie Gilchrist  San Francisco, California 
8. Dick Birch         Orange, New Jersey 
9. Vic Salamone       Carmel, New York 
10. John Tolton       Richmond, Virginia 
11. Joe Mallie        Tipton, lowa 
12. Don Gherkin       Dubuque Iowa
13. Dennis Casey      Queens Village, New York
14. Lou Piatt            New Orleans, Louisiana 
15. Buddy Stefanek    New Hyde Park, New York
16. Eric Ford         Bedford, Ohio
                         Cleveland suburb
17. John Norris       Denver, Colorado 
18. Charlie Paglia    Pico Rivera, California 
19. Father Crohan     Riverhead, New York 
20.  Cal Deleuil      Louisville, KY
21.  Joe Hickey       East Rockaway,  NY

Brief Bio - Buddy Stefanek
I became a secondary education teacher of French grades 7-12. I had a "checkered" experience as my position was "excessed" several times for financial reasons. I actually had a total of 20 years teaching experience over about 40 years. I drifted in and out of teaching when I could find a "French" position somewhere. I was a substitute teacher , a maternity leave replacement teacher, sickness replacement teacher as well. I also briefly taught elementary Spanish for 6 years. I think I set a record for actually teaching in 13 different Long Island school districts! In between, I had 1/2 a dozen sales position of all kinds. It was a struggle for sure. Enjoying sunny Tucson, AZ since 2005.

Blessings, Buddy Stefanek