Who's the Prof Glen Ellyn, Ill

The cartoon above came from Ron Byrnes (Cambuse@aol.com).
  Here is his note:

I found this among a bunch of papers I was chucking out.  It was
slipped to me during Scripture class either at the Knoll or G.E..  I
believe the caricaturist was a guy named Tom Roddy who was very

Anyway, it is really brilliant and funny.  Anyone from the class of
1958 and before should recognize the two clerics being caricatured.  I
suspect we were awfully bored that day in class.

It should give some old timers a laugh.  I believe the cleric on the
left is Joe Grassi but I can't recall the name of the other prof
although his image is clear in my mind.

Perhaps you should ask for ID as you did with the pic of the faculty
sunning themselves at the Venard.

Ron Byrnes