The Knoll

Maryknoll - Ossining, NY
from Damien Maass 2014
Shot and edited by Damien Maass
Assistant - Jared Maass
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Fun project for me since I grew up near Maryknoll and as kids we would use their fields to play football, baseball and they also had basketball courts. The bell tower rang everyday at 6 pm and to us that meant we had to run home for dinner. A big thanks to Mike Virgintino from Maryknoll and also Brother John Blazo who was very gracious with his time and historical knowledge.
[Click] Aerial Photos of Maryknoll Headquarters
[Click] Pictures of Croton dam near the Knoll (Maybe you visited there)
[Click] Norm Birzer pictures 1965 Hingham, Knoll
[Click] Pictures of Maryknoll NY taken July, 1999 (from Ray Voith)
[Click] Ordination Class Pictures
[Click] Pictures of Maryknoll Library (2006?)
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[Click] Pictures of Maryknoll (2009?
[Click] Pictures of Maryknoll (1961 - Ken Riley)
[Click] Pictures of Unteachables at Glen Ellyn, Bedford and the Knoll (Frank Gerace)
Another picture source Tom Fenton ??

Driving Instructions to the Knoll

From NYC and points south: Follow Route 287 to the Taconic Parkway North. Follow the Taconic to the Pineridge Road Exit. Turn left off the exit. Follow Pinesbridge Road, which becomes Ryder Road, for 2.2 miles to the Maryknoll Fathers Seminary (on your right.)

From New England and points north: Follow Rt. 84E to the Taconic Parkway; then the Taconic Parkway South to Route 134 Exit. Turn right onto Rt. 134 and follow for 3 miles. At intersection of Rt. 134 and Rt. 9A, turn left onto Rt. 9A south. Turn right onto Ryder Road; (you'll go over Rt. 9A Overpass), and follow for 5/10th of a mile. Maryknoll is located on your left. If you get lost, please call 914-941-7590 (The Maryknoll Father's Reception Desk.)