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Note from Jay
Salve Frater Ray,

I was a member of the Venard class of '63. I went on to G.E. after
graduation, but left after the first semester of our Junior year (Dec

A lot has happened in my life since then (Notre Dame, US Army,
marriage (in Korea, officiated by Fr. Jack Dowd, M.M.. . . we've just
celebrated 44 years), grad from Univ. of Washington, 2 sons, graduate
work at Johns Hopkins, a move to Tallahassee Fl to be closer to my
parents, and recent retirement after 15+ years as a patient and family
counselor with hospice.

In all that time, consciously or unconsciously, Maryknoll has been an
important part of who I am. I've kept on-and-off contact with some of
my classmates - mostly Christmas cards and letters, but rarely
anything more. This year our class celebrated our 50th reunion at the
Knoll. I know Ron Stewart and others have been keeping you
up-to-date. I have to admit that I was hesitant to go. Among other
things I wasn't sure how we "drop-outs" would be received. However,
even though this was my first visit there, I felt right at home the
minute I entered the front gate. The priests residing there welcomed
us as members of the family. They all helped me realize that Maryknoll
had prepared me for the best parts of my life, even if that was not
expressed in the priesthood. It was a beautifully invigorating, and
humbling, experience.

There is more, but for now I'd like to thank you for your efforts in
keeping the memories alive and to let you know that I've made a small
step in that direction as well. I went digging and found a box of old
slides, some of them from the Venard. I used Ektachrome in those days
and the decades haven't been kind to the film. Emulsion faded and
changed; even mold grew on some of them. I have scanned many of them
and have made the best effort at restoration I could as an amateur.

Jay (Julian) Sollohub ;^{)>

 -- that's a wink, a smile, and a goatee
   which I now sport as you will see in the reunion pics