To Venard Top

Venard - 1953-1957

From Charlie Kircher (email)

Left to right -- Jack Heniff, Mike Leskovac, Danny DeGhaust. (Freshman year 1953)

Jack Heniff; Freshman ?? portrait -- 1953

Mike Leskovac and Charlie Kircher -- 1953 -- after a handball game.

Our Lady of Maryknoll (only the pedestal remains now in front of the Main Entrance)

Taken from front of school on the classroom side; Chapel to the left.

Charlie Winkler -- his senior year 1956

Charlie Wolfmeyer (?) -- his senior year -- 1956.
---- Wolfmeyer and Winkler were classmates and
---- had come to the Venard from the Maryknoll house in St. Louis.

left to right (?), Dick Baisley, Charlie Kircher, Sophmore year 54

Don Benn on the winter wonderland of the back 40. Skiing down the
---- back pasture into the creek at the bottom was always a thrill. It
---- was a long way back to the top. The picture of Don Benn was
---- around 1956. Don was in the year behind my class.

Charlie Kircher - also on the winter wonderland of the back 40.

Charlie Kircher - Freshman ?? portrait -- 1953

Charlie Kircher, Dick Schutz - winter 53

The Three Musketeers -- Frank (Fuzzy) Gallagher, Joe Burke, Charlie Kircher

Next to the pool. Left to right
---- Jack Heniff, Tom Flood, Joe Sanches and Ed Jordan