Venard Pictures John DeFrank
Sent around 2008

I resigned from Maryknoll after 4 years at the Venard - I still have the letter from Fr. North from Glen Ellen where he accepts this resignation from me. I served in the Military and spent the following 40 years with Westinghouse until my retirement. I went to Night School to get my college degree. I am now the father of 4, grandfather of 5 and great-grandfather of one darling little girl born just a few months ago - life has been good. Betty and I are both enjoying good health at age 71 and are looking to at least another 30 years on this side of the River Styx (which meanders at the base of the hill below our windows). My leanings these days include Genealogy for the extended family, grandkids and family relations in general, good food and nights out with friends. I hope to get back to my daysailer with my grandson this summer if all goes well.

John DeFrank

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Venard Rosters from John DeFrank - 1953-56

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Roster June 1953 pg 4 of 4

Roster caDec 1955 pg 1 of 2

Roster caDec 1955 pg 2 of 2