Venard Visit Colin Pettorsson August 23, 2020 Guys...On our way back from Cooperstown NY, Kathy and I stopped by the Venard to check it out in its latest iteration. Easy access to the property and building, which looks as good as ever considering it was built in the 20's. Sad to report the locker room is no more, so (the fictional? #142) is also gone. Although the gym is now a classroom, the floor retains the basketball court markings. The lake, although still beautiful, had a layer of green gook on the surface. There are still a number of beautiful pine trees ringing it. Didn't recognize much of the upper floors as virtually all the space has been turned into offices, faculty rooms. The baseball field still there, but the handball courts gone!

Colin Pettorsson (Venard 1963)

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