Pigs at the Venard
Here are two pictures from the Venard depicting students working on the farm with the pigs.

The first picture is from Maryknoll Magazine.

Below the pictures is some commentary that took place on the Facebook page "Mighty Men of Maryknoll"

Ray Voith:

I did that duty with Br frederick (somewhere in 59-61). Br Fred once went into th pen with a big sledge hammer to hit this giant pig on the head - pig got up - ran into the pig house - Br Fred had to drag the pig out to slit its throat to finish him off. He said it was too dangerous to shot the pig - danger of ricochet. He used a 22 on the cows in the field - no ricochet problem.

I think the appearance of liver (ugh!!) and onions on our plates followed soon after such slaughter.

Dennis Coker (to Ray Voith):

A delicacy to which I think I'll give a pass. But somewhat a propos, I will say that after a long time searching, came across a recipe that is very close to Venard Coffee Cake.

Bill Dillon (to Dennis Coker):

great with a scoop of some pepto bismol flavored ice cream.

George Fry Jr.:

Ah yes! I remember so fondly shoveling in the pig pen. I also had the honor of working in the slaughter house with the pigs. I remember a big bath tub that was heated to assist in shaving all their hair off. After we finished our work - we got to enjoy their sacrifice in the 'refectory'.


(Is that) Michael Chmely, who I believe is no longer with us?

Tom Wunderle

Looks like Mike McComiskey

George Fry Jr.

Pretty sure that was Michael Chmely.

Frank Busichio:

RIP, Mike Chmely,

Colin Pettorsson (to Frank Busichio):

Do you know how he passed Frank?

Frank Busichio:

I spoke to his loving wife some years back; He was a truck driver and had a massive heart attack while off duty.

Colin Pettorsson (to Frank Busichio):

ahh geez..thanks for that Frank...RIP Mike...