Wonderful Memories of The Venard
A Friend of the Venard

Clarks Green, PA  18411


One of the saddest events in my early teenage life was the closing of
The Venard at Clarks Summit, PA. My dad Dick O'Dea, a Clarks Green
Realtor, was the volunteer basketball coach at the Venard. My older
sister, three younger brothers and I spent a great deal of time
swimming in the huge pool, playing tennis, ice skating on the pond and
always attending basketball games, both at home and away.

Although I never really had much interaction with the Maryknoll
Sisters, Fathers Merv Brennan, Will Ament, Joe Carney, Morgan
Vittengl, Milroy, Nipe, and others, whose names I've forgotten enjoyed
many Sunday morning breakfasts and dinners at our house. I remember
Brother Dave and Brother Stephen giving us baskets of apples at the
beautiful big red octagonal barn that the Baptists tore down and
replaced with nondescript brick dormitories.  Joe Carney and Morgan
Vittengl performed my wedding in 1972 and my middle daughter, Morgan,
now 30 years old, was baptized by and named after Fr. Vittengl. Will
Ament performed my sister Kathy's wedding in 1974. A year or two
before my dad passed away in 2000, the last graduating class got
together and honored my dad at their one and only class reunion. I
tear up just remembering how happy he was to see all of them!

I live in Clarks Green, PA just a few blocks from The Venard, now
Baptist Bible College.  I can't drive by there without a flood of
memories that I'd never trade for anything!  I will always appreciate
the role Maryknoll played in our lives or the privilege of being part
of the Venard family!