Al Schwartz Canonization Efforts Note from John McIntyre, Captain, USN (Ret)

I was in 1st Philosophy at Lakewood in 9/49-6/50 (ordination Class '56). During that academic year we had two real-live potentially canonized saints in our midst. That year, Al Schwartz was a sopomore and Vince Capodanno was a freshman. (see links below for these two men).

I'm one of the few '56ers still vertical - Elmer Wurth, Bryce, and Walshie are the three remaining ordinandi - and I try to keep in touch as best I can.

Jim Ferry died on May 28, 2021 and Jim Conard died April 30, 2021.

Al was only at Lakewood for that one year as I recall. He finished at GE with BA degree, but chose not to go to the novitiate with his class. (His class ordained in '57). Al asked the Maryknoll superiors to promise to send him to Korea when ordained, but superiors could not promise him. He decide to leave, went to Louvain to finish studies for the priesthood, and was ordained by the bishop of Pusan, Korea. He was an outstanding missionary in Pusan, Korea, founded both Korean Sisters and Brothers, who devoted their mission to orphans and poor youth. Expanded missionary efforts to Philiipines, Central America, etc. Al died in Manila with ALS, and is on the way to sainthood.
Al Schwartz

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Vince Cappodanno

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