Maryknoll Seminary, Mountain View Ca

Maryknoll (near I-280) at Los Altos, California, in Santa Clara County, CA, was built in 1926 as a seminary and was converted in 1969 to a residential seminary for Catholic priests. The Maryknoll Society is the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America. The site is the proud possessor of a priceless Buddhist bell, cast in 1750, in China.

How they came by this bell isn't clear (The spoils of spiritual war?). Maybe it's only fair, since the Tibetan Buddhists have kept in their custody for the last 300 years a priceless Catholic bell. I guess it's in storage these days, but it used to hang in the entranceway of the Jokhang in Lhasa. With the Te Deum... inscribed on it.

In the 1970s, Maryknoll at Los Altos became a retirement home for missionaries.

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