Recent Events Maryknoll
[Click] 2004 Reunion GE Class of 1964 40TH Reunion
[Click] 2017 Reunion Venard Class of 1967 50TH Reunion and 50TH anniversary of closing of the Venard
[Click] 2015 Reunion Venard Class of 1965 50TH Reunion
[Click] 2014 Chesterfield Minor Seminary - Logan University today
[Click] 2013 Foster Braun
[Click] 2013 Reunion Venard Class of 1963 50TH Reunion Ron Stewart, Joe Kantorski Venard Memories (pdf file and reunion pictures)
[Click] 2009 Reunion Glen Ellyn Class of 1969 40th Reunion
[Click] 2005 Reunion Venard Class of 1961 45TH Reunion
[Click] 2001-08 Reunion - Class of 66 (from Joe and Ann Bukovchik)
[Click] 2000-07 Reunion Class of 65 (2000 July) (From Bob Chaney)
[Click] 2001-02-17 Dick "Ozzie" Osborne Tribute (Bob Chaney)
[Click] Reunion Glen Ellyn Mike Mulhern, Oscar Best
[Click] Bill Federle (Venard 1961) and grandson
[Click] Frank Gerace
[Click] Mike Pufall
[Click] 2009 Nick Weyland
[Click] 2004 Felix_McGowan_Memorial